Fresh Produce Clothing New Arrivals

Fresh Produce is a reputable store that sells many kinds of women dresses and clothes. Somehow, they always give some updates to their products. You can check the new products on the New Arrivals menu at What are the latest Fresh Produce clothes today? Let us check some new beautiful dresses in various designs and colors.

Sketched Flora Mika Dress

The first new arrival that you can purchase from the store goes to Sketched Flora Mika Dress. This is a beautiful dress in calming red color with some flower motives. It is a nice dress that is suitable for daily activities because it is made from soft fabric. Anyway, this dress only costs about $75.

Sketched Flora Byron Top

The second option to choose from the new arrival is the sketched flora Byron top which combines a few rainbow colors in beautiful flower drawings. The main color or the background color is white it is drawn with hand drawing flowers sketches. It is so soothing and comfortable with long sleeves. Meanwhile, the price is only about $69 for a piece.

Sketched Flora Byron Top
Sketched Flora Byron Top

Sketched Flora Long Avery Skirt

In addition to dresses, the Fresh Produce new arrival also comes with a beautiful short skirt that has the same decorations as the Byron top. So, this is a good choice to match the Byron Top because it has the same flower sketches. This skirt is not too long but it still covers the knee. For the price, you can get this skirt for only $75.

Airy Allegra Dress

It is a comfortable dress that is suitable for those who like pink color with no motives. It is designed in pink with no sleeves. It is a beautiful pink dress for casual use. You do not need to wear any skirts anymore because it also covers the tight to the knee. Meanwhile, this nice dress only costs $79.

Coral Cluster Noa T

It is a nice blue dress with short sleeves and has a white flowery decoration. It is a casual dress that is made from soft fabric to give comfort. Though it looks usual it can make every woman look pretty on any occasion. Well, this dress is quite cheap which is only about $59.

Summer Crewneck Sweater

If you want to buy a sweater that is suitable for the summer theme, then you can take this one. This summer Crewneck sweater looks so adorable in white accent with simple summer tag. it is designed for the summer to make sure that you always feel fresh in long sleeves. The price is quite expensive which is about $119.

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